34 years of Tropical Heatwave makes it one of the longest running festivals in the country, the music festival has become an annual rite of spring for fans of eclectic music, with excitement, mystery, and legend contained in memories of the annual extravaganzas for longtime Heatwave devotees. And every year there are first-timers who discover that Heatwave is one of one of the most fun weekends and best musical experiences they have ever had. The festival is often described as a manifestation and celebration of the sense of community that WMNF has created.

The main criteria used for booking bands/artists for Tropical Heatwave has always been musical excellence, strong visual appeal, fun, and high energy. Each year, attendees look forward to not just a series of great performances, but also expect a fun and collective way to discover new artists who may have been playing in this area for the first time. Tropical Heatwave is also a showcase for great local and regional talent. WMNF deliberately handpicks great bands that are ready to compete for audiences with the nationally known acts.

With multiple stages, Heatwave ensures that each person creates their own unique experience. Some people hang out at one or two stages where they know some of their favorite bands are playing. Others try to challenge themselves to keep moving and see as many bands as possible. Some just go with the flow. It’s like creating your own personalized festival. More than seventy bands have been chosen by their ability to do exciting live shows in two nights of entertainment.

Reserve wristbands in advance on the web. WMNF & it’s regular outlets have nothing physical to sell yet but you already can reserve your place at Heatwave. Here are your bands for 2015, click on band names to view bios and more, we discovered some cool videos….


Palo long


Afro-Cuban Funk, jazzy funky salsa  from Miami
Cuban Club Mainstage: Friday, May 1st 9:15pm to 10:30pm
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Reggae, dancehall, cumbia, ska and hip hop from Miami
Cuban Club Ballroom: Saturday, May 2nd 9:50pm to 11:00pm
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Honky Tonk / Rock n’ Roll  from Birmingham, Alabama
Cuban Club Cantina: Saturday, May 2nd 9:30pm to 10:30pm
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8-piece funk pop with an afrobeat tinge from New York City
The Ritz Ybor: Saturday, May 2nd 7:20pm to 8:25pm
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Blair Carman and the Belleview Boys

Authetic 1950s style honky tonk rockabilly piano  from Cincinnati
Cuban Club Ballroom: Saturday, May 2nd 11:20pm to 12:20am
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hudost duo


Neo-Folk World ‘Country & Eastern’ Fusion, with dancers from Montreal
Cuban Club Theater: Friday, May 1st 10:30pm to 11:30pm
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La Lucha

Jazz with vocalist Jun Bustamante from Tampa Bay
Crowbar: Saturday, May 2nd 6:00pm to 7:00pm
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bath salt zombies band

Bath Salt Zombies Band

Hell-billy Cabaret, Pirate/Carnival Fusion from Daytona Beach
Cuban Club Cantina: Friday, May 1st 6:00pm to 7:00pm
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6 volt rodeo

6 Volt Rodeo

Western Swing/Classic Country/Hot Jazz from Palm Harbor
Cuban Club Ballroom: Friday, May 1st 6:45pm to 7:55pm
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